Find out photo spot!

Me and Nadia would like to search photo spot in our town where most of friends already went there. We just knew the name was Lembah dieng, then we tried to find it. First day, we couldnt find it. There was a rocky street which we scared to pass. After that we went home with nothing.
Then, 2 days later, we tried to find it again. We asked to my boy where was that place by a text. I knew it was terrible, but with that simple instruction we tried to find out again haha and we found a small and rocky street again. Have no choice to pass it. As you know me and nadia brought our car separated. First, i'm so scared because its like we went to a horror village with small street. Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! We found it ! We felt so happy! But the place was so bad i though. There were many savage grasses and the place was dirty.

this photo was captured by my friends in the place that we tried to find out

We felt so stupid because we scared went into that building. So, we just toke some pictures far away from the building. The two of us just kiddos that scared after saw the building so dark. You know, to reach this place we had to walk lil bit far from the parking lot outside and we were so tired!

What a nice trip. We'll find another photo spot in our city later. Hope we will not scared again  :D


  1. hiralalitya30.6.09

    haa nadin that mee...yeah the girl with the glassess is me..hoho don't be scare..i like that place..hira..

  2. iyaaa, hhe itu fotonya mas barker mbak . nakutin tempatnya aku ama nadd ga berani masuk hhe :)