Evening Memories Exhibition, BDG.

Hello! I had a super fun and exciting days in Bandung from 21 till 23 August. I met some new friends there. They were so nice and funny. They're just like my whole family, i love being around them. They kept taking care of me because i was the young one instead of Cantika who already went back to Jaks before the exhibition's opening. Well, go ahead, my english is poor and i dont know how to tell you the rest. 
Gonna show you some artworks picts from all artists who joined this exhibition :-D
This is mine, "Sebut Saja Ombak..."
Widy Benang

Inne Rachmawati's

Well done guys!!!


  1. Yang terakhir, saya nggak ikutan foto :(

  2. iyaaa mas adit ga adaa huhu T___T