"Kamu tuh hidup harus terus melaju, tapi ya km sekali2 harus liat ke spion, melihat refleksi masa lalu. Tp ya tetep harus melajunya ke dpn." - Philo

How to make a deal with the past? 
I suddenly cried when one of my best friend told me about her nice boyfriend, how they completly fit in each other, how she loves him day after day, how good her boyfriend treats her, and etc. Well to be honest, i miss my past. It's been a long time since last time i cried. I feel like, hm bad. I'm trying my best to cooperate with my past, crawling with them, dancing with them, even trying so hard to erase them. But then i realized, i did nothing. 
I wish i had much something to say to you... I wish i could hug you tight when last time me met...
I wish i never found you.

ps: i hope there's no one come and would happen read this. i hope this post is invisible, like me.

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