"Why...." i whisper to my own self.
Suddenly a man come and sit beside me,
"What's up?" he ask.
"I'am weird." its just that easy to tell him what i feel.
"No, you don't. You're normal."
"You just don't get it, i'am weird. Fragile. You're normal."
"Who says i'am normal? You? Uh..."
i keep my mouth silent and let him talks.
"People are weird. There's no such a normal things in life, realize that."
"I look at you, normal. I'am not."
He chuckles.
"Have you ever think of what people just did? What just happened to them? I bet, never."
"I don't think that's necessary." 
"Or even think about what happened to me just now?" he stares to the skies, his eyes looks empty.
i can't help myself to shoot him with my straight question,
"So what happened to you?"
"My fiance died, yesterday. I was going to marry her the day after tomorrow..."
i choked up.
"I feel weird, i'am sad till i can't describe how it feels," he adds,
i go silent, just looking at people passing by.
"I hope you've got the point of our short conversation. I just don't get it of what you said 'normal'. From what i know, everythings are weird, lifes........."
suddenly i forget what kind of thing actually makes me feel that way...

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