Java Rocking Land 2011

I got a free ticket for latest Java Rocking Land and i just went there in a day one. I wish i could come three days in a row but that was all good. The one that i've been waiting for were actually one indie's band from indonesia called L'alphalapha yet the traffic was friggin suck so i just simply missed their performance.
 When i got there, i rushed to Sheila On 7 stage, one of the most nostalgic band ever! I sang all of the songs they brought that night. 
After that i went to We Are The Scientist stage but i didnt know their songs much so i just listened.
Another Indonesian band, i came with Toro and Idham to see their performance.
And i think this is the most awful concert i've ever seen, when i came to 30 Seconds to Mars stage its like mass of people i didnt even get a space! The worst part was their performance late for 2hours!!! I was just standing alone for that long time and i was about to give up because i got no air to breath. Why?  because i'm so tiny compared to the other watchers. I couldnt enjoy the songs even they were the one that i've been waiting for :-(

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