H+1 to United States

How is everyone going? Well, i'm doing great lately. My life been going pretty much slow and steady and there is no anything new unless i did a volunteer work in one of Intercultural Fine Art Gallery here. Ok so, i guess this is just going to be a short post since i have nothing to say but

Today is the first day i really made up my mind that i'll celebrate my bachelor graduation in fuckin United States with my babe.

The idea has been settled on my mind since long time ago, i put my plan somewhere in my mind. The motivation is getting real as i realise that i can save up my own money from work and go to Los Angeles next year in summer. Finger crossed.

I'll post some regular post the next day, I've got so many photos i didn't managed to upload here and shared the stories with anyone. So yeah, i hope everyone is doing good and keep your dreams real, go chase them!

Wise man said, 'Find something you love and let it kill you.'


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