Fullmoon Mood

Couple shoots i toke during fullmoon phase. Major bummer, i dont have any good tele lens. no details :-(

Well you told me that I was just not the one and you left me standing out in the cold.
It's been a long time and I'm so much better now that I'm looking back and seeing it all.
And for the first time, there's no pain in my life. It's been a long hard road that I've gone.
We had a good thing and it made me a man and I know you got me going
Pardon me, my feelings are showing, I'm only saying what's on my mind.

Well I found you or maybe I found myself and I think we knew it all of the time.
We fit together just like a lock and a key and we opened up each other's mind.

Yeah I was laughing 'cause there was no room to cry.
There was too much growing to do. We had a good time, and it ain't over yet.
'Cause I know you've got me going
Will you pardon me, my feelings are showing
I'm only saying....

♫ song by Kansas 


  1. biar ga pake tele lens,tetep fokus kok.apik jeh!
    ajarin dong foto....

  2. tompul: untung fokus yah hehe :) waah aku ga pinter2 amat soal foto :p