Goodbye lovers

Went to Surabaya to visit our dear best friend, Ken. Nadia drove me with her car (ugh well that was our first journey to another town by car). I found that was the most epic journey i've ever had with her (compared to others), we were absolutely blind about the roads in Surabaya. Not to be overdramatisized but we just like drove around the town for about two hours. The first destination was Ken's uni, ITS, after picked her up we went straight to of of the finest shopping centre there. 
The real plan was to celebrate Nadia's birthday and my farewell party in Sushi Tei. Yeah that was sad, awkwardly sad because i was going to leave two best creatures in the world but life goes on isnt it? ;-)
Ken and me gave Nadia a birthday present, "Listography" book and a japanese notebook.
i love you i love you i love you two

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  1. Wah dimana beli buku Listography-nya, Keren :D