TEMPERTANTRUM, mixtapes & artworks exhibition

Feel so honored to participate in this mixtape and artwork exhibiton held by Bejana Kultur. It was my first time made a mixtape, the theme was about TemperTantrum or something related to autism. So the purpose of this exhibition is to project the right mindset about what autism is. We talked from our mixtape and artwork where we can not understimate autism, we can not make fun of them as daily jokes. Here's some sneak peek, sorry for low quality photos from my iTouch: 
My artwork for TemperTantrum •depressing/box•
here's the link where you can download 'em:

tired of mind blowing/i drowned myself into the darkest limbo/while nobody couldn't reach me even my own self/where i got no place to run to hide/but i found my self comfortable/but then again i'm back.

1. God is an Astronout
/a moment of stillness 4:48
2. Lykke Li
/love out of lust 4:44
3. Local Natives
/who knows who cares 3:55
4. Sigur Ros
/inni mer syngur vitleysingur 4:05
5. Copeland
/to be happy now 3:12
6. Bjork
/Crystalline 5:06
7. Tame Impala
/alter ego 4:48
8. The Hum of StamatisDesiree
/drown my self into 3:37
In the closing day, i collaborated with Ninavolta, I sang and played keyboard for the first time in my life!!! That was hilarious because i never showing like that in front of people yet it was so fun :-D

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