Past notes

And yeah there I was again.
Our plan were just having small conversation and say Hi.
You always see me with those lazy eyes,
unwilling to be seen so excited.
I've already forgive you for what you've done to me couple years ago.

And there we were again.
Sat at the same place and time.
As you moved your body towards mine,
I rejected.

We've got nothing left to say and yet i was dying,
yes dying to talk to you. So then we sat again,
being silent.
I tried to start conversation but you seemed not excited.
Your usual.

Then everything just passed like that.
Not too fast or even too slow.
Yes I didn't feel anything like I saw you also felt the same way.
Repeated, again.
And you were enough with those things.
I smiled.

We were sitting next to each other.
"This is not gonna work between the two of us," you said.

I was surprised.
You have changed.
I didn't even know why I smiled a lot when you said that.
But that was all i could remember.

The past is no longer exist for the two of us.
You and your life, and of course i've got mine too.

The feeling is no longer there. I know.
As we're apart, i've got nothing left to say, not even a goodbye.
But i know that was the long goodbye itself.

We're not gonna meet each other again.
Maybe someday, maybe not at all.
Because i was just idiot like that, and
You were that mean.

I'm just that content to know that you betrayed her just like you did to me long time ago.

And yes, I smiled, again and again.

(notes from 23/11/12)

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