Long way home (Part I)

As Luna stepped on her feet for the first time in this country, she thought, ‘this is good’. She walked towards the buildings, landmarks, hidden alleys and found herself did not recognize anything familiar. She was born as a new soul in a new place that perhaps could bring a new adventure.
Day by day She spent alone by herself, trying to know this place really well. She feels overwhelmed by these strange feeling that put her back on previous years. She was that kind of person who always feel miserable as shit because of job she hated, friends she didn’t really get along with, and school that made her run out of every pennies she earned from the job. Luna was that kind of person who always ratted on herself because she didn’t do good enough. Here she is now, feels good than ever while putting on a new life.
That afternoon Luna decided to walk around her new neighbourhood to find a good coffee. In her right hand she brought a copy of Oliver Twist and headphone hanged around her neck. The afternoon was fine and sunlight was so warm she barely noticed everyone around in the street until someone flick on her back. Luna turned her body around and that person was,
“LUNA!!! Oh my goodness I cannot believe it’s you! Where have you been?!” A fine well build guy with slight beard looked so excited to see Luna. Then she pressed her temple as she was bit unsure.
“Wait, are you...” Luna had not even finish her words and this guy looked extremely shocked and continued,
“This is such a coincidence! I have been looking around but you leave no trace. That is crazy! Are you heading somewhere? Let’s have a coffee! I’ll pay, don’t worry.”
Luna is still busy with her thoughts, wondering who is this guy. He grabbed Luna left hand and brought her to a fine-minimalist coffee shop in the end of the alley. Luna began to remember the guy who is sitting in front of her, but she couldn’t recall such event.
“Luna, seriously, why are you keeping in silent? Do you forget me or what?” He looks calm but, Luna can sees that he is bit nervous since she has not says any words.
“Well, if you want me to remember who you are I am still bit unsure…yet you are so familiar to me.” Luna started to open her mouth.
Those flashing memories finally walked through her head. Luna dropped her jaw and her mouth wide open.
“Oh my God! How could I forget! Henry! I began to understand why I didn’t recognize you. Maybe because we never met before huh?” Luna felt her body was a bit shaking to find out that the guy who is sitting in front of her is Henry.
Henry was her crush when she was in the university. They know each other through messenger but at that time she was living in Paris and Henry was in Indonesia. After four months contacting each other through the messenger, Luna ever confessed that she loves Henry but he never showed that he loves her in return. Right after that Luna never showed up again. Henry also never tried to contact her until now, up to four years.
Luna finally can adjust herself really well while having long conversation with Henry. In the other side, Henry looks so nervous and tries to keep maintain the conversation. 

(to be continued...)

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