state: oscillate

It hits me right trough my head. It is like the right bullet that especially designed to shoot my head anytime. That feeling, the feeling of losing my believes just in a second. The journey i've been through, really, i have no idea what i've been through honestly. Altogether I'm feeling inhuman. I have no feeling of anything. I have no idea about the life i've been living.

Some say that it's been so hard that you can't quit, you keep trying.

The best thing that i know now is that i no longer try to please anyone, i live the way i live. Well, fuck people, fuck society. The theory is as simple as being honest, you know when you like it and you know when you DON'T. If you know it, you know, if you don't, you just DON'T.

p.s: i finally quit my previous job and got a new job in so much better place with good salary :)

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