Here comes May

I know, the end is there. I know that this is gonna be one of the biggest choice that I've ever made in my entire life. I must choose now, or i'am gonna sink into a very delusional world that i only been dreaming. Again, i'am scared. It is too much hard work and falls in here i cannot comeback to where i used to be. It is too much hard work here to come back to my roots again.

You have no idea how i failed so many times here i get back up again.
You have no idea how i spend the last three and half years here facing the most crucial time to grow up by myself.
You have no idea how many times i wanted to quit but i kept going.
You have no idea how all those mean nothing to me but now i realise they're precious things for me.
I acted like they were nothing.
But they mean so much to me.

Now the end is there, i'am only standing here and feels nothing. It is not that i don't want to move.I can't move. Like your whole body and mind being ripped off from its place and leaving no trace. I can't find them, everyone is looking too,
i can only say that they're gone.

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