New Moon

You know that pause.

The kind of pause that gave you sense of separation and suddenly you feel out from the circle? This has been bugging me for quiet a while when i understand that i particularly enjoy being alone and don't mind being with big group of people.

I don't feel like seeing anyone but certain people lately. It's been too much, too much going on. Probably i don't enjoy this activity, like mingle, like i used to. Probably because theres so much that have been changed lately. Probably i'm new to this whole different arrangement of people that i used to hang out with.

This is the time of the year (again), where i feel like moving, or at least take a short break from the circle. Despite the fact that i'm in love with this place, i think, perhaps, it's something linger inside me.

Would it really kill me to move in sync with the rest of the herd? Maybe not, but probably i'm not comfortable with the new energy, not to mention new comers.

Oh well, probably it's a sign, you know.

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