It's Friday, stay in the office

It's friday. Do not go home. It's not a pub o'clock. People chase you with stuffs to work on and never think that youve been sitting your ass off for at least 8 hours to get the job done. Revision... Revision...Nobody understand it;s hella friday.

I can go home, but my colleague cant. This is ridiculous. These people are fucking cunt, doesnt understand that we have a fucking office hour. No more late request. No more. But people want more! We all want everything more and more! Dont you people tired of having more. Why dont we learn on having less???

Next payday is in two days. I only have less than $2 in my pocket but i want bubble tea. See..Thats wanting more even you know you arent capable of wanting more. So stop wanting more. Stop.Maybe i should save more before my last payday next month.

The world is a mad place to stay in, might as well we're moving, migrating to another planet and get crashed by comet and die altogether. Arent we all wanting more, moving more, to get closer to die?

All i wanna say is you probably need to consider your attitude towards people around you, look more, see more, and feel more. I'm here sitting in the office, 11 minutes later than the finish time and feeling sad because my colleagues are still here working on people shits.

Olala....it's friday...it's past 6pm...everybody should go home.

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